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10 Ways Your Noisy Office Is Costing You Money [Inforgraphic]

best jabra noise-cancelling headsets for business

Over the past few years, open office settings have changed how businesses are run, facilitating collaboration, project changes, and the observation of problem employees. But an open office can also become noisy and distracting.

But can a noisy office really make that much of a difference?

The short answer is yes, yes it can. Let’s take a look at how your noisy office can cost you, along with the best Jabra noise-cancelling headsets that can provide you with the best business solutions:

10 Ways Your Noisy Office Can Costs You

best jabra noise canceling headset

Does Your Office Need Jabra Noise-Cancelling Headsets?

Wireless headsets like the Jabra Pro 920 Mono help reduce worker distraction. This is important because…

Distracted workers require up to 86 more minutes per day to complete projects.

you need jabra noise-cancelling headsets for work

Sound privacy is a big concern of most employees. Not only are they worried about other people hearing what they have to say, they’re also worried about what they’ll unintentionally overhear from other people. The best Jabra noise cancelling headset if you’re dealing with multiple phones is the Jabra GO 6470 Bluetooth Headset.

Beyond overhearing things they’re not meant to hear,

25% of workers in open offices find their workplace to be too noisy to concentrate well, according to a recent University of Sydney.

jabra noise-cancelling headsets in office help employees focus

One of the best Jabra noise canceling headsets is the Business Supreme Plus.

Open office environments are second only to cubicle office environments for noise-related distractions because people working successfully in open office environments are more likely to use aids to improve focus, like the Jabra Storm.

Because open offices lack the partitions that absorb some of the noise, the background noise level rises, making it hard to pick out a particular conversation. The Extreme 2 Jabra noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset does a great job of cancelling out background noise.

Filtering out other conversations can make it difficult to concentrate on the conversation or task at hand.

benefits of jabra noise-cancelling headsets for the office

The Jabra Mini, one of many great Bluetooth Jabra noise-cancelling headsets, filters out background noise while providing crisp, clean vocal streaming.

Adding music to create intentional noise can be distracting because people have different musical tastes. Buying the sound equipment costs your business even more money. Many Jabra business headsets provide music support, but the Wave with Music Streaming is specifically designed for it.

Another problem broadcast music brings is that

… many people have problems splitting their attention between the music they’re listening to and the conversation they’re having or the letter they’re writing.

Why your office needs jabra noise-cancelling

Vocal music uses the brain’s language, so it’s harder for employees to use those skills while vocal music is being played. The Jabra Pro 9465 Duo wireless headset helps employees use appropriate music that helps them get their work done.

High levels of noise in the workplace are related to high stress levels which lead to many medical conditions requiring down time. Using a stereo wireless headset like the Jabra GN9125 Flex Duo wireless headset reduces stress.

A noisy workplace also lowers morale, which then lowers productivity.

jabra noise-cancelling

Using a wireless headset in stereo like the Jabra Pro 9450 Duo wireless headset helps you concentrate on what matters.

At the end of the day, when you have too much noise or too many distractions in your office, you lose money. Fortunately, Jabra noise-cancelling headsets and wireless headsets help improve your sound environment to get the best productivity possible.