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Still Working With Corded Headsets? Here’s What You’re Missing…

If you’re employees still use corded headsets, or you’re using them yourself in your place a business, there’s a lot you’re missing out on. All around, cordless headsets, those that are called ‘wireless headsets’ or ‘bluetooth headsets’, are the generally accepted, and expected, standard in the business world, and the way to go if you want your business to run best.

If you’re not using wireless headsets in your place of business, are 5 major business benefits you’re missing out on.

1. Improved Work Productivity

wireless headsets improve productivity

Studies have shown that good headsets without cords increase work productivity.

As a matter of fact, the best Bluetooth headsets ramp up productivity up to 43 percent.

Using wireless headsets allows employees to walk, talk, and work while away from the desk. There’s also less playing phone tag which increases personal productivity. Wireless headsets in a call center environment, grants employees additional physical freedom, increasing worker satisfaction and, as an added benefit, employee production.

So what are some of the good wireless headsets?

One of the best Jabra business headsets series is the Jabra Pro Series. These wireless headsets are compatible with all major desk phone systems, and feature intuitive call-control buttons, which makes it a breeze to manage calls while away from the desk. Plus, they offer up to a 325-foot range allowing employees to engage in plenty of coffee breaks, stretches, and other normal work activities while still connected.

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2. Vocal Consistency From Noise-Canceling Technology

wireless headsets improve sound quality

Employees using a wireless Jabra headset stay in the same position as the head moves, and by doing so, their voices remain consistent.

With noise-canceling technology, the best Jabra Bluetooth headsets filter out up to 75 percent of background sounds.

Employee can callers can hear, even in a noisy environment, which also helps employees concentrate on the call (not) in hand. An excellent choice is the Jabra Bluetooth headset Supreme UC, which gives users the excellent noise cancellation. These headsets utilize Noise Blackout 3.0 and include digitally advanced automatic volume controls.

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3. Flawless Ergonomics

wireless headsets improve posture

Understandably, holding a phone or handset up to the ear or mouth will lead to poor posture. Over time, this can cause back and neck discomfort and lead to more serious physical problems. For this reason and others,

the American Physical Therapy Association recommends using wireless headsets.

One of the best wireless Bluetooth headsets to solve such a dilemma is the Jabra Storm. It features voice-operated controls, 10 hours of talk time, and reaches up to a 98-foot range. Its digital signal processing technology dramatically enriches sound quality. Overall, it’s a Jabra headset that is designed for comfort and convenience.

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4. Optimal Sound Quality

wireless headsets improve voice clarity

With a Bluetooth headset, the user gets optimized sound quality for both ends of the conversation. High-quality speakers with amplifiers set the tone and volume of the sound. A superb choice are Jabra Motion Bluetooth headsets, which features voice-operated controls, with high-quality speakers, and the ability to switch between calls and music.

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5. Overall Comfort and Better Health

wireless headsets health benefits

Studies have proven that using wireless headsets is not only comfortable but better for one’s health. According to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center,

Wireless headset users have 35 percent less muscle tension in the shoulders and neck, and a 40% reduction of chronic pain.

All around, wireless headsets are better for anyone’s health. Wireless headsets not only increase productivity and reduce background noise, they deliver excellent sound quality and ensure lasting comfort. 

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